Newcon Optik NVS FS Mount for NVS 14

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The Newcon Optik Flip-to-side Weapon Mount is specially designed for NVS 14 Night Vision Monocular.

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Main information about Newcon Optik NVS FS Mount for NVS 14

The Newcon Optik Flip-to-side Weapon Mount is specially designed for NVS 14 Night Vision Monocular.



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Newcon Optik NVS FS Mount for NVS 14

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Newcon Optik catalogue presented by Outdoors Bay provides the best products of the world famous Canadian Company. The greatest demand for this excellently designed equipment is connected with such factors of this manufacturer operation, as capability, quality, service, and price. Newcon Optik is considered to be the world leader in some areas of electro-optical research, development and production. They are Image Intensified Systems, Thermal Imagers, Laser Rangefinders, and Tactical Optics.

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