Beluga 12 FT. Camouflage Inflatable Boat

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The biggest boat from this series. It has the length of 11’10” ft. and the width of 5’2”. The tube diameter is 1’5”, carrying capacity is 882 lb. The boat has three hermetic chambers and can carry five people. Basic equipment: wide outboard protection with splash-cutting wing alongside the whole boat. Information about this item: www.belugaboats.com/product/beluga-12-ft-camouflage-inflatable-boat

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Main information about Beluga 12 FT. Camouflage Inflatable Boat

Flat-bottomed Beluga C series boats are the biggest in it's class, 10’-12’ ft.  long with 1.5 ft. tubes diameter. They are very stable and have a rapid shape due to the raised sharp prow.

Due to the big diameter of tubes, the boas have a minimum immersion in water. It helps the outboard engine easily start the planning mode, increases speed and lowers fuel consumption.

The transom is also designed for quick transition to high-speed mode.

Beluga C series boats are produced from the strong five-layer reinforced special boat material, with the density of 950 g/m2. Black color inserts are produced from 1080 g/m2 resistant, hard to break the hook and withstands thousands of bending.

FFD type of decks at the Beluga C series boat.

You can also put an outboard engine with maximum power of 5 hp.

Beluga C series boats packed into hermetic bag and backpack. The backpack for the boat is made of the same material as the boat. The set of accessories includes paddles, seats, pump and repair kit.

The biggest boat from this series is 11.10 ft. and the width 5.2 ft.  The tube diameter is 1.5 ft., carrying capacity is 882 lb. The boat has three hermetic chambers and can carry up to five people.


  • wide outboard protection with splash-cutting wing alongside the whole boat
  • anchor groove at the prow to protect the frames material from wiping by the anchor rope
  • towing bracket
  • safety rope
  • protective bumper at the upper side of the transom
  • spray-repelling plates between the transom and tube to protect Inner space from water
  • regulated system of seats' fixation all over the length of the tube
  • seven carrying handles at the prow to lift and move the boat easily


Soft Seat Pad with under seat locker.

To keep your fishing equipment and everything you take with you for a trip you will need a bag or a backpack. To keep all that in a boat during the trip you will need a locker, conveniently situated under the boat seat.

The locker looks like a bag located under the seat and fastened to it with the help of straps with velcro. The locker fastens with a zipper, it may have additional exterior pockets for small items that may be necessary at any given moment. Handles are provided to carry the bag in hands. The locker is made of durable water-proof material, it is convenient, practical and economical.

Soft pad with Color – black

Going on a long trip, hunting or fishing it is important to take care not only about security but also about comfort. Sitting during the journey or fishing can cause fatigue and discomfort in the joints. To avoid this, think about your comfort while fishing in advance.

Soft pads are put on over usual wooden seats, making them fairly comfortable. Soft pad is made of waterproof nylon fabric, filled in with a foam rubber. It is easy to clean and does not wear out. Dense and elastic foam rubber bends under the weight of the human body, allowing muscles to relax. The pad is fastened on a sturdy zipper, adjusting by three straps on the bottom. Soft pad can be easily attached and removed if you need to change it.


Maximum outboard engine power is 5HP.

Tubes diameter of 1.5 ft. provides minimum immersion in water. Outboard engine easily pulls the boat into the planning mode, increasing speed and lowering fuel consumption.

The model is produced from the strong five-layer reinforced special boat material, with the density of 950 g/m2. Black color Inserts are made of 1080 g/m2 density fabric and are used to protect the most damage-risk pans of the boat - "cheekbones", cones and bottom. The fabric is resistant to the ultraviolet light, gasoline and mechanical effects.


5 Years Warranty*




Length, Feet




Tube diameter Feet


Payload, Lb


Max number of persons


Quantity of hermetic chambers


Material density, Gr/m2

950 / 1080

Length of cockpit, Feet


Width of cockpit, Feet


Max motor pow, HP


Type of seats mourn

Adjustable along all length of tube

Anchor groove


Outboard protection alongside the tubes


Safety rope


Number of handles for carrying




Weight of the boat In backpack without accessories, Lb


Dimensions of the packed boat, Feet

3'7" x 2' x 1'4"


Oars + Pump + Seats + Repair Kit

Weight of accessories in separate bag, Lb


Dimensions of bag with accessories, Feet

2'11" x 2' x 1'4"



Weight of FFD deck in separate bag,Lb


Dimensions of the bag with deck, Feet

2'7" x 2' x 2"


5 Years*

Product's SKU: C-12FFDCAMO

Product's UPC: 680063997976

Beluga 12 FT. Camouflage Inflatable Boat

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Spending time on the water with your family provides one of the most pleasurable and rewarding moments of our lives. Beluga is designed and built to provide optimum excitement and the feeling of Luxury, Comfort and Safety no matter where your journey takes you! Beluga has been building models with the highest level of standards and has become a synonym for Elegance, With an unsurpassed dedication of redeeming excellReliability and Quality and providing satisfaction in every model, Beluga is the top choice for offering fun and memorable moments on the water.

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