Newcon Optik - new prices and items 2019

Newcon Optik - new prices and items 2019

The modern and unique optical brand Newcon Optik continues the development, and also their cooperation with Outdoorsbay respectively continues. It is known that the world brand tries to conform to high standards in production of binoculars, spotting scopes and others optical devices, and this year they also continued this trend, what we are very glad to.

At first we want to notice that the prices of some devices significantly decreased. So for example spotting scope Spotter NC cost $256 last year, today the price fell significantly and is $175. One more example of IRIL 1000M of Long-Range Infrared Illuminator which price was $4048 and this year decreased more than by $400 and makes $3643.

Besides new products were added. For example the most expensive product on our website of LAS 1000 Sniper Detection System, which detects snipers and other forward observers before they fire a shot. Or the 4th generation of
multifunctional Laser Aiming Module featuring a visible green laser aimer.

There were still little changes, and you can check them on the page of the Newcon Optik brand.

And the most important thing - Outdoorsbay - we always remember quality.

January 30, 2019