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What are infrared illuminators?

Probably, most of you have already faced with infrared (IR) illumination and don't even suspect of it! Let us look into the principle of IR illuminators' work and reveal their importance to us! Among non-natural IR illuminators are filtered incandescent, tungsten lamps, high-powered light-emitting diode (LED) illuminators, laser diode illuminators and the light of our Moon and Sun to some degree if we talk about natural sources of IR illumination. Infrared region (IR diapason) directly sides with visible region and lies in the range of wavelength from 1 to 300 micrometers. Human's eye doesn't perceive IR illumination but it feels the warmth transferable by it. Among astronomical objects irradiating IR illumination are low-temperature regions in outer space where the star production is occurring. Among many IR observations are the following: the discovering of inner energy release by Jupiter and Saturn, water ice on the surface of giant-planets' satellites, methane ice on the Pluto surface and the detection of giant-planets' atmosphere structure. IR illumination is longer than visible spectrum. IR illuminators are devices that are used when it is necessary to see in pitch-dark conditions. Usually security black-and-white cameras are equipped with IR illuminators in order to produce clear image made by camera! Black-and-white cameras are very sensitive to IR illumination that is why they work perfectly in conjunction with these illuminators. Even when ambient light is lacking cameras can still work perfect as IR illuminators light up the area for camera still being imperceptible for human eye. These illuminators are also good because they are very economical; little energy is required to power them. Color cameras also can't detect them. It is important to know that if you are going to use IR illuminators with security cameras don't forget to equip your cameras with IR filters; this will help you to combat criminals who use the light of IR illuminators to light up into your camera with IR illuminator for an image distortion! So, haven't you thought over this useful devices?!