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Newtonian Reflecting Telescopes

Newtonian reflector telescopes are equipped with concave primary mirror which collects and focuses incoming light. Small diagonal mirror is in the core of this technology. It reflects the converging light beams into the eyepiece. Newtonian telescopes are famous for their excellent properties among which the following are:

  • Newtonian telescopes give wonderful bright images; they also eliminate any color aberrations;

  • With the help of Newtonian telescopes it is possible to observe even faint deep-sky objects;

  • The Newtonian telescopes feature fast photographic speeds: f/4 to f/9;

  • The Newtonian telescopes are cheaper in comparison to telescopes with costly lenses because Newtonians use mirrors.

The most spread and popular Newtonian telescope among beginners and intermediate level astronomy enthusiasts is a telescope with 6" aperture. With such kind of a telescope you will be able to observe deep-sky nebulas, clusters and galaxies as well as do lunar and planetary observations.