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Night vision device: how it works, history of night vision techn

How night vision works: the main principle of technology in common interpretation

The greatest demand for the night vision optics devices is often supported with user’s interest of the main principles of the equipment operation. It’s not easy to explain all the details for those who have no deep knowledge in physics and chemistry. That's why; this article will assist for the main part of night vision device users to understand the common principles without deep studying of these complicated subjects. So, let's observe the operating principle of night vision devices using simple explanation.

The technology of night vision: how it works

Night vision technology history started during the Second World War. It was first supplied with the Panthera tanks after the application of aviation against tanks by the Anti-German Coalition. Since that time night vision technology was changed a lot. Its latest version is quite different from those first models, but the main principle of operating of night vision devices stays unchangeable.

First of all, there should be mentioned that any NVD will not operate in absolute darkness. Even if the conditions of application are the worst, they are equipped with infra-red lightning. That is because operating principle of night vision is based on gathering any existing ambient light. Naturally, it can be starlight, or moonlight. But in the case of this nature sources absence, the devices are equipped with special infra-red backlight. Next steps of the night vision devices operating are the following:

Night vision device how it works

  1. Objective front lens passes the gathered light onto electron-optical converter (photocathode tube).
  2. Photocathode tube turns photons of the gathered light into electrons those speed is thousand times faster than the photons' one.
  3. Phosphorus screen with the help of microchannel panel and high voltage power supplier changes the electrons back into visible light.
  4. The light that was created of the electrons goes to the eyepiece and is able for use by the human eyes.

The specialty of night vision devices image is in its light-green re-creation that is the most suitable for users. But when the infra-red backlight is supplied the color of image can be more natural. The more powerful infra-red backlight is the clearer and more natural picture you will get. That's why; when you choose the most suitable night vision device, according to the application way, try to use the free telephone assistance of our skilled support specialists.