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Valdada Spotting scopes

Valdada Valdada is a Romanian optical brand. Some know Valdada by its European name IOR Bucaresti. While known to a relatively small circle of high precision shooting enthusiasts, Valdada has a very interesting history. Founded in 1936 in Romania, the company has a long standing tradition of designing and manufacturing high quality opti-mechanical devices. Beginning in 1941, IOR converted to making exclusively military oriented optics, primarily riflescopes and binoculars for the German army. In 1949 the company diversified into making eyewear lenses and in 1951 first batch of microscopes followed. Today, IOR Bucharesti makes a wide range of optical products, from Valdada riflescopes and binoculars to medical equipment and eyewear glasses. What makes Valdada riflescopes unique is that the company is very traditional in its approach to building high quality products. Unlike many of its competitors, Valdada openly states that all of its glass orginates at SCHOTT GLASSWERK in Germany. The company makes all of its own tubes, bases and rings.