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Spotting scopes

Spotting scopes probably pre-date binoculars in terms of history and optical technology. A spotting scope is essentially a small portable telescope that has additional components that allow erect presentation of the image instead of inverted one commonly found in the telescope. This erect approach makes observation of terrestrial objects easier. The uses of spotting scopes are as wide as that of binoculars. There are bird watching spotting scopes, hunting spotting scopes, military and tactical spotting scopes, surveillance spotting scopes and image capturing digiscopes (spotting scopes that are capable of capturing images, both still and video). Outdoorsbay.com offer one of the largest selections of spotting scopes from some of the best optical manufacturers in the world. We carry Bushnell Spotting Scopes, Burris Spotting Scopes, Leupold Spotting scopes, Nikon spotting scopes, Celestron spotting scopes, Vortex Spotting scopes, Zeiss Spotting Scopes. Whether you are looking for pocket size monoculars, compact spotting scope, waterproof hunting spotting scope or something more suited for bird watching spotting, elk glassing, surveillance or simply need a marksmanship spotting scope, we have products for you. Our experts can recommend the right spotting scope for your type of usage. A typical spotting scope consists of a small refracting objective lens, an image erecting optical device that uses special image eracting relay lenses or prisms and an eyepiece that is often designed to be removable or interchangeable with other eyepieces for different magnifications or image recording devices in case of digiscopes. Alternative optical designs rely on Schmidt or Maksutov optical assemblies for their performance. Most spotting scopes are designed to be used with a tripod and many are covered with rugged rubberized coating or are even waterproofed for best performance in the field. More compact spotting scopes can be used with window mount for operating out of a vehicle, which makes them very adaptable to various types of usage.

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