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Most of digital rifle scopes presented in Outdoorsbay are the perfect combination of the latest developments in the field of optics and electronics. Along with good optical characteristics (fast aperture focusable lens 50 mm ƒ1.0, 67 mm eye relief) our rifle scopes features a wide range of options which allow it to be tuned to one’s personal needs. Most of them use highly sensitive CCD arrays (with a range of operation illumination 0.00003 - 30000 lux). They automatically increase CCD array sensitivity under low light conditions,screens display information on operation status (running time, low battery indicator, camera operation mode). Several switchable pre-loaded reticles of various shapes, upload optional reticles are presented. Apart from this, the user can Reticle inversion (color change from white to black and vice versa depending on the target colour) and enhanced contrast function are very useful too. Equipped with built-in IR Illuminator which should be used in low light conditions in the nighttime. The Weaver rail on the side of the body allows an auxiliary, more powerful IR Flashlight (please refer to section “Accessories”) to be attached. Basic control functions (switching on/off the riflescope and the IR Illuminator, reticle inversion) can be performed with the help of the included remote control. Some other features: 1.Video Out (to conduct video recording to external devices without the use of additional adapters and camera or camcorders) and Video In (can be used to display on the riflescope’s screen information transmitted from remote cameras via radio channel). 2. Resistance to bright light exposure and features excellent operational characteristics 3. Can be mounted on a wide range of hunting weapons including those of large calibers (shock resistance is guaranteed if cartridges with muzzle velocity not exceeding 6000 Joules are used). 4. All riflescopes operate on four rechargeable batteries but can also be powered with an external power supply. Many products are especially designed for hunting, sports shooting, night video recording, general observation.

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