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At Outdoorsbay.com, we offer a huge monocular selection - the best brand name pocket monoculars - Barska Monoculars, Bushnell Monoculars, Brunton Monoculars, Carson Monoculars, Leica Monoculars, Minox Monoculars, Nikon Monoculars, Vanguard Monoculars, Vixen Monoculars, Vortex Monoculars, Zeiss Monoculars. We offer full range of compact monoculars from cheap toy monoculars that are awesome for the kids to play with to the top of the line Nikon and Zeiss Optics Monoculars. Most of our products have elegant design and as impressive as their superior technology, making them ideal even for birdwatchers and hikers who need to travel light, or for concert-goers and sports fans alike. Close-up lens that allows detailed observation of objects at distances as close as 25-30 cm (0.8-1.0 ft) which is perfect for viewing butterflies and insects. Simply screwing this accessory onto the front lens lets users experience a macro effect that reveals even the finest details.

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